Monday, July 7, 2008

Open, Open, Open.........

Busy busy around here lately. Top of the list of things to be done ‘right now’ was to build a trash can cage. Something to keep them got-dam dogs outa the trash cans that don’t ever seem to be picked up on any sort of schedule whatsoever.
Well let’s see them hairy beasts get to 'em now! You can gaze and gawk at the marvel of engineering as you cruze by.
I also had a request for a photo of the new strip mall in Mental Breach. Here ya go.

It’s taking shape just fine. No word if any units have been rented or not.

It must be spring as there are lots of these little baby green iguanas running around. Unfortuntly for me, Scurvy keeps them far away from here. I wish he wasn’t such a murderer! But,, he is. Something deep, deep down inside him screams “IT MOVED, KILL IT”.

But how can you resist that face? Or that sniffer?

"I have sniffed many butts today. In celebration, I lick your face."

1 comment:

Sandy A. said...

thanks fo rthe pic, Barn. That's across from Iguana Crossing--that area? I notice no parking......Or maybe in the future?