Thursday, July 3, 2008

Noah, got yer SkillSaw ready?

Last night, it rained so hard, that,,, well let's just say it rained a lot! If any of this rain found it’s way west of the Kendall Bridge, there she goes again I would think.
Sharp, bright lightning and thunder that even scared the dog! And he’s fearless!
Our guests made it back from Tikal just in time for that show.
Check out the for sale lot to the south of us. Might need some fill ya think?

Over there somewhere is a toad that sounds like he is the size of a basketball. And he must be H-O-R-N-Y! Horny--toad, get it,,,, never mind. But he has a loud baritone croak that makes it tough to sleep thru.
We get to visit Placencia this morning. It should be a real treat. A road report may follow.

I’m Not unber the alcohofluence of incohol as many theople pink i are!

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Sandy A. said...

Geez.....that's way worse than my lot!!!