Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Darts, DaeWoo, and Pus,,,,

Wednesday, and the weather is still windy and cloudy. Nice and cool tho. Another wave on the way.
Our current guests braved the new bridge and drove to Tikal. I told them if they are not back in a week I am selling the stuff they left here.

Remember when I said the dart team wanted to send Malu to Trinidad for some international meet? I spoke with her a few days ago and now it seems she is having trouble with both a visa and expenses. I don’t know what all is involved to get a visa but she said the hardest part, and we all know this, is just getting to BZ city and back! Not everyone can afford to spend days doing something like that. She said she was getting very minimal financial help if any for this trip. I kinda got the impression everything was just going to fade away, slowly.

Update on Fuzznutts’s pus-bucket. (cuz I know you are all just dying to hear).
He has had 2 re-fills since he was ‘drained’. Luckily, I guess, he managed to ‘pop’ his pus bump by his self and get cat-pus all over himself. We have been keeping things cleaned up with peroxide and squirtin antibiotics down his yapper and now things look pretty good.
I hereby proclaim,, cat pus is gross!
Scurvy? Well he just stinks.

We bought a new fridge. A Daewoo. Korean. With digital lights and stuff. We had no choice. Wish us luck!
Anyone need a Mabe fridge that mabe can be fixed? We also have a round psalmwood table up for grabs. Get them before I set them by the side of the road. The table is nice! All yours.

Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now.

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