Friday, July 4, 2008

Broken shocks, flat tires, and chipped teeth,,,,

Drove to town yesterday fully expecting the road to be just miserable. Turns out, all the rain had softened up the sharp edges and the holes were not so ‘edgy’ so to speak.
As we drove past that project that is trying to dig to China, we notice that about ½ of their fleet of dredgers are back at it. If you listen close you can hear the sounds of Shanghai coming from the hole and smell egg rolls! I think it’s egg rolls.
Speaking of egg rolls, Wendy’s restaurant has moved to her new location. About 20 yards north of where it was, into a much larger and much nicer building.
Finished up our chores and headed back north. What do we see around the new furniture shop in Siene Bight? A grader. What’s so interesting about that? He was Un-paving the road! Yes, from the community center south to Steve’s place (the end of the pavement) they were scraping off the old crap that made things so bad. Great! you say. Well what makes this even more significant is the fact that it was M.O.W. equipment!
I was told a few years back that the road maintenance contract was sent out to a private contractor and they were the ones who had been grading the road. So, if the M.O.W. is back in town working, maybe, just maybe, and it’s a long shot here, but maybe this is the beginning of the pave job? (GASP)
Don’t get all gooey and teary eyed just yet. It ain’t over till some fat lady sings, and I don’t hear shit!
But maybe this could prove that if you boldly make statements about the paving start dates long enough, some day, SOME DAY, those statements may come true.
I am not ever going to say they have begun to pave the road until I post a photo of the actual paving going on.
Kinda like how you should never comment on a women’s pregnancy unless she has her feet in the stirrups and there is a tiny head poking out! Any comments prior to that could backfire on you. Horribly!
So, the camera is ready and let’s hope I get a good shot with steam coming from hot asphalt!!! Some day.

If you’re too open-minded, your brains will fall out.

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Sandy A. said...

Even just un-paving S.B. would be good! I can deal with the regular road, but that down there was just AWFUL!!
Keep us all posted! I won't get teary until the pavement goes past my place.!