Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Anybody wanna buy a condo,,,,?

Once again the Kendall Bridge is ‘temporarily’ open.
Anyone seen the donated Bailey bridge in their travels anywhere? Anyone?

Remember the controversial project I mentioned was under the GOB’s hot lights?
Well for the last week there has been a complete absence of activity going on there. The fleet of dredgers are all huddled up near the road like they have been sent to ‘time-out’. If they dig any deeper, we will be getting Chinese take out from there!
After weeks of constant, non-stop dump truck activity, there has been none! Squat, zip, zilch, nada! And I couldn’t be happier!
The area rep, Melvin Hulse spoke at the lobsterfest opening ceremony. I missed it but heard he told the folks present that if they wanted to control the direction their village was going, they needed to FIGHT!
I hear it was met with applause.
I bet a few of the ‘mover’s and shaker’s’ in the crowd would be groaning at that comment.
Then I also hear that the M.O.W. stated that the road contract has been signed and work will start in 2 weeks. Ho Hum, yawn, never heard that before.
This photo doesn’t do the paved section any justice, but believe me, the holes can be up to 1 ft deep and this is a good section of the ‘Baghdad Airstrip’! And there are miles of this!

Aw crap! I was just informed that I did not win the scooter raffle. Shrimp farm Linda won it. This is the first time I have been without a motorcycle since 1976! Beginning to feel a bit,,, weird.
Congrats Linda! Let me take it for a spin some day.

ob/gyn Kenobi,,Use the Force Luke... no wait, I meant the forceps... now the Force... and now back to the forceps. Good. Go wash up.


sandy a. said...

glad the trucks have been halted!! What is MOW? If they actually start paving the road you'll have to make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and take lots of pics so I can forward them to other folks!!!

sandy a. said...

oh never mind, i just realized that MOW is Ministry of Works! DUH!! I had a brain fart.....