Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boom Boom,, out go the lights,,,

Yep, it’s been an eventful last couple days. With guests needing help making alternate travel plans, the road being total shit, more rain and humidity, computer blowin up, power outages, it’s been a real slice!

Here’s what I have heard about the country’s situation.

Stann Creek and parts up north have been declared a disaster area. 5 people confirmed dead and 2 missing. And water still at critical levels and in some sites, still rising!

Dangriga is cut off at Sarawee village, the hummingbird is still flooded, Sittee and Hopkins are still flooded. The bridges in San Iggy were not spared either. One is closed and the other, I am hearing, should be. Spanish lookout seems cutoff as well.

I hear it rained and blew so hard in San Pedro that 65 boats went under!

Tropical storm Arthur dumped an entire ass-load of rain to the west of Belize and it is now running downhill!

We hear it may be 2 weeks before any vehicle traffic can cross the river at Kendall. People may be ferried across soon along with some small supplies.

Local stores are still looking good but for how long is another thing. I hear Harold is making plans that include a barge of some sort. Fuel is coming from Independence so we should be OK there for awhile.

The news say it may take 6 months before a ‘proper’ bridge can be constructed. The Kendall Bridge was built in ’85. It was constructed 15 feet ABOVE the known highest recorded flood level!! Photos here ,,and here

So, with the guests needing rides to the airstrip, emergency grocery runs, emergency computer parts runs, and daily routines, I/we have spent more time on this road than we want to!

I find myself saying ‘it’s been worse, I just can’t remember when”. One trip just about wears me right out.

Then, the power has been going off like crazy! I can’t say for sure it blew the power supply in the computer but it blew right up. (2 trips to the airstrip right there)

When Fortis threatened rolling blackouts, they need to point them out so as to differentiate from every other day around here. “You seen those 6 blackouts last night right,, well number 4 was us doing it intentionally. So there.”

I don’t understand their threats. When they shut down the current the meters do not spin so no revenue is collected, but people get pissed! And it is already the most expensive power in the region with the worst reliability record!!?!?!

The GOB has expressed an intrest in buying it back, I think it would be a smart move. It should be done AFTER they put Musa and Fonseca in jail!

Here is a photo of Adriane and I having a beer last night just after the current went Bye Bye, again.
That's me on the left.

I’ll post any updates worthy as I get them, if the power stays on.

It’s like living in a third world country fer crissakes!


Sandy said...

I can't see your happy smiling faces!
I hope things get righted soon.
IN a few months this will be just another "war story" for the book you are going to write!!

Anonymous said...

I justed wanted to thank Bill for the good laugh today. He showed me his blog, and I just couldn't stop laughing. Who would of thought a black photo would evoke such humor! Mz. Barn