Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shall we gather at the river,,,,,

Let’s see. Where we last left things, it was raining. It has stopped raining but we now have multiple problems due to the amount of rain lying around.
The biggest news is the wash out of the Kendall Bridge, it is completely gone!
In case you don’t know, losing that bridge effectively severed the country in two pieces. The southern hiway is the only method of supplies reaching the southern half of the country. This is a very serious issue and one that that new GOB will be tested on!
They must drop everything and deal with this fast! Not only supplies going south but any and everything that would normally go north, including people and that now precious crude oil.
Last I heard they were considering the idea of boating folks across to get on busses. We have seen that work in the past.

Yesterday morning, when I first heard about this bridge deal, I thought about our 4 guests. They were to leave Monday and drive to dangriga to catch a boat to the cayes.
Well that wasn’t happenin. I go over and explain it to them and they think I’m joking! Why? Because the last time they were here the same thing happened! Way back around the second or third lobsterfest a road flooded somewhere on the western and supplies were cut off again. They actually postponed the lobsterfest for a week. These guests were here at the time and almost could’nt drive back to the international. So they thought I was yanking them again. No,, this is real again! I’m startin to see a pattern here.
So we get them a flight to dangriga and they leave their rental car here.

Tomorrow we have another set of guests who are also leaving by car, or so they thought. Now they have a plane res and will also leave their car here. I don’t know how long it will be before those rentals can make it back to the barn. Ironically, the next two sets of guests also have rental reservations with Crystal car rental. And I just happen to have 2 Crystal cars in my lot. I’ll let you know if this works out or not. One set of guests are at the zoo right now and will be in contact with us today to see what’s up.

A bus just went by going north. Maybe they have their boat plan in action. The river may have dropped some as we got no rain here last night.

Then yesterday afternoon as we got a couple emails warning us that the stores in placencia were almost empty, we drove down there as fast as the shitty road would allow. I had 4 empty crates of beer in the back for replenishing.
Wallens was far better stocked than we expected. No rice, flour, or beans tho.
And they were limiting you to 3 cases of beer. But we got lots of food, pork roast, pork chops, chickens, and other good stuff. Now, since the fridge is full, we fully expect the power to go out! It did last night and you could have heard me cussin from wherever you are! But it came back about 10 minutes later. And now we have no computer?

I don’t have the access I had hoped to have to more info this morning as while I flicked on the computer something (I assume in the power supply) went POP! And it is now dead. The laptop I am using basically sucks and has no info stored on it including photos. My priorities changed right then. Today is fix the desktop day.

So, this will really put P.M. Barrow to the test. His first crisis. No matter what, I bet he handles it better than Musa would have, the theivin bastard!
On a side note, there are quit a few of us who figure the money set aside for the pave job, will be used to fix the bridge. More chicken feet for scurvy.

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shows the flooding of southern belize...in case you didn't get this already....