Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Sure, I got all my permits in order,,,"

Grumblings coming from the jungle telegraph. Folks are beginning to rat out unscrupulous developers doing what they damn well please.
I’ll watch this one play out and pass it on when something happens.

On the way back from the village yesterday, I saw where they were going to ‘improve’ sections of the road. No,, NOT the infamous paving company we have all been told would begin work any day now. But just the usual sporadic piles of bowling ball sized rocks dumped and left for another day. Some as big as beer coolers!
I can’t help my negative ways, but I have no doubt that one day very soon we will see an article in the papers, “Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstance, funding for the paving of the Placencia road is to be diverted for repairs of the Kendal Bridge.”
Any body want to wager some chicken feet?

The poll is done at 8 this morning. Looks like the ‘NO’s will barely squeak out the dump trucks. Hell, all this time I assumed the dump trucks meant more to people than a fictitious character like Eve, who is on par with the Easter bunny, Peter Pan and Eskimo’s on the fairy tale chart.
Oh well.

Tonight, take your beer outside right around sunset and check out the moon. It should be twice as big as usual. Summer solstice moon, or some shit.

If you think things can't get worse it's probably only because you lack sufficient imagination.

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