Monday, June 16, 2008


Nice easy day yesterday. Nothing goin on. Got to bed early as well.
I like to hit the sack early partly because my favorite dream comes on every nite at 9:00P.M.-- don’t like to miss anything. So because of that, I was up this morning before the first dump truck went by. I saw a sunrise going on and hit the beach at 5:15, camera in hand. (about 10 minutes late) Eyes still crusted over with eye-hokey I could barely read the camera’s meter.
But here’s the result.

Interesting guest will be arriving this evening. The son of a cousin of mine I will be meeting for the first time. He graduated from Annapolis a few years back, went to the Marine side, and WHAM,, they sent him to Iraq. Now a Lieutenant, he is fresh from his second tour and is coming here for some much needed R&R.
I’m told he is a great guy all around AND he may even have a beer or two with me!
Back in ’80, I was involved with the night his dad got in trouble with his mom.
ALTHOUGH,, I was completely innocent of any wrong doing, I was guilty by association. We all still laugh about it to this day.
I won’t lead him astray, nope,, not me!

I hate it when my lightweight drinking buddies get so drunk I can barely see them.


Sandy A. said...

It was worth battling eye-hokey to get that pic for all of us to enjoy! I made it my desktop backgraound!

Sue W said...

The sunrise shot is brilliant!!!!

lola said...

Mornings like that are what kept me in Seine Belize City all I saw when I got up was zinc roofs and smoke from burning trash...