Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rain delay,,

As tropical storms Arthur and Alma make a swing by Belize, we have had quite a bit of rain this week. Good for everyone and everything I say. It even slowed down the dump trucks! I have not been anywhere but I would think the road is a mess. Also the price of diesel has risen to over 10 bz!
Sitting home in the gloom and rain was a good day to cook a chicken. Roast that sucker in the oven and make soup from the carcass.
From this photo can you tell Scurvy smells chicken?
He'll let me know when it's done.

And just look at the frosty cold Belikin!

Then in the afternoon, we heard ‘the band’ was playing at Mango’s again. Better hop up there for that! Adriane saw some Kodak moments and snapped a few. We also shot some video but have not figured out how to download it yet, CRAP. As soon as we ed-u-ma-cate ourselves I will post it.

It got crowded later, these are before the booze got to flowin.

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