Wednesday, June 11, 2008

O give us this day our daily blog,,,

Monday morning we found out that one whole complete half of our security force was down! The guard for the interior of ‘Che Barnacle was ill. Seems that Fuzznutts had come down with some kind of jungle born tropical disease that had completely removed him from his duties. His throat and under his chin had swelled up big time. He did not eat, drink, poop or whiz all day Monday and into Tuesday. The poor little guy was all puffed up and looking miserable. I got to calling him “Puff-Daddy”.
Nothing to do but put him on the air ambulance to Belize city.
Adriane rode up with him on the 10:00 flight, and was back on the nooner!
They gave him some shots and stuck a thermometer up his butt and declared he had an infection. He was doing good last night as he devoured a can of tuna. This A.M. he is kinda weird again. Still has a bulge on his neck/throat but he is chuggin the water.
We got goo we have to squirt down his throat for 10 days, oh boy.
Here is a photo, a bad photo of Fuzz on the plane ride, and landing back at Placencia.

And with the security team cut in half, we also had an home intrusion, of sorts.
Leaf cutter ants have found our Amandala bush growing on our deck.
They are traveling from way off, over the sand, to a coconut tree trunk, up to the clothesline, across the clothesline and up onto the deck to steal bits of flowers.
Maybe Fuzz has one of these thorny bastards stuck in his throat? NAAAAW,,

That bridge has to be open as the dump trucks have set records for the amount of trips to Placencia. They are going past the airstrip presumably to that project that is so huge just past Turtle Inn.
Just like the ants, one after the other, after the other, after the other, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, to and fro, to and fro, ect ect ect ect ect ect.
And just like the lowly ants, they must communicate with each other as they pass along their route. The ants communicate by touchy-feely with their antenna's. The mighty truck drivers have evolved to communicate with their air horns!!
That is one big-ass project! Must be building a mountain range.

Thought for the day: Humans are the only animal who can have sex over the phone.


lola said...

Barnacle, I been stressed out some by trying to figure out the answer to a question. Thought I'd ask you seeing as you're sagacious and well lettered. I deduced this from reading your deep and moving epistles. The question is, DID EVE HAVE A BELLYBUTTON? I am painting Eve and it is driving me nuts on should I put a bellybutton or not and if I do how will the religious people take it concerning the ribs thing? The only thing helping me right now is singing your do ray me ditty while drinking a beer...

Sandy A. said...

Lola, I voted in the above blog post!
Poor Fuzznuts! He's been having a bad time of it here lately!! Hope he gets better soon. I'll send him some virtual kitty treats.

Sue W said...

Has Fuzznutts made a full recovery?

Barnacle said...

no,, fuzz is still having problems. a local US vet is going to look at him in the morning in an attempt to avoid another flight.

Sue w said...

Good luck with the vet visit!