Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Won't get fooled again,,,

Seems I have been hit with a tough question. One that requires brain activity beyond my capability. A question so deep you need one of the local excavators to dig down just to it’s edge. So profound it questions your very existence, the entire world’s existence.
Neither Dr. Phil NOR Oprah can answer this one.
No, I’m not asking if the dump trucks will ever stop, something even beyond that!


Eve, of the famous singing duo Adam and Eve. Or was that Captain and Tenneel?
Either way,, Lola is painting a painting of Eve and has raised the question so she can paint her anatomically correct.
I have started a poll to see what you all think. Feel free to vote AND add your comments as well.
Let’s all help Lola in her quest for the answer, did that tramp have an inny or an outy?
AND,, just where was it? Somewhere other than mine? We don’t know do we.
Any ideas?


Sandy A. said...

I'd leave it off since Eve was an alien anyway.

Anonymous said...

So, did Lillith have a belly button?

Did none of the animals in the garden have belly buttons either?

Appears to me to be somewhat of a chicken and egg issue.

Last time I checked I had the same number of ribs on either side, as well... (Why would Adam have a belly button?) For that matter, why do men have nipples???

Anonymous said...

Not a shot – she was created – as
1st woman no where to attach the other end of an umbilical cord.

Remember the old story of an archeologist finding 2 perfectly preserved bodies and upon very close inspection deduced they had to be Adam and Eve – why? – No Belly Button

last two entries are just a few theories submitted to the "big end of the week question"....:)

Elysia said...

I say strategically placed branch or leaf can solve the issue while keeping the mystery alive.

Carole said...

She had a stem. She fell from a tree. Or something about a tree.