Sunday, June 15, 2008

He's Baaaaaaack,,,,

A taxi pulls into the drive and honks. I go see what’s up and he sez “got your Chinese dinner here”. Huh?
He hands me the carrier with Fuzznutts in it. He had been to the vet in the village where his plumped up neck was drained of about a shot glass or 2 of cat pus!
As I unload him from the carrier he spills out onto the floor. He staggers to his feet and looks up at me,
AAAYYYY! He’s all wobbly like he just went 2 rounds with Mike Tyson and Freddy Kourger has slit his throat! He has blood and cat pus stains all down his front!! As I watch this for a minute I think I am on the movie set for ‘Pet Cemetery’!

Now, I have always asked every medical person I meet just what is the correct spelling for “Pus-y discharge”? Is it ‘pussy discharge’? In this case would it be ‘pussy pussy discharge’? that was to be the name of this post, “Pussy discharge” but I didn’t want to scare folks off too quick.
Anyway,, he seems to be doing fine and is cleaning him self up. He is walking normal and eating good.
How does a cat’s neck fill up with pus? Nasty!
This little bastard has been a pain since his first battle with the snake! You heard about that one right? Where we had to literally remove him from a Boa’s mouth and grasp.
Hey, maybe there was a Boa tooth still in there that got infected?

But enough about cat pus, what about the important shit going on?
In the quest for belly button truth, the ‘oh hell no’s” are in the lead. I thought for awhile the dump trucks were gonna win out but now I don’t know. Only a couple days left!

My comment yesterday comparing Ambergris to Cancun stirred up some commotion. Seems to have touched a nerve? I have not been to A.C. since around ’94 but I am pretty sure I would not like what I would see. I also see some of their ‘problems’ will be here in the not so distant future, like obnoxious timeshare salesman. The longer it takes for the condos to sell, the more aggressive the salesman will get. I already see the sellers getting out there a bit more, “pre construction specials’. Yea,, sure.

Anyway,, it’s a fine day in Mental Breach, water is like glass, birds are screamin (chachalacha’s), Fuzz is back home,, beer is in the fridge, what could be better?
Well, I can think of a few things.

Maybe just once someone will call me "Sir" without adding "your making a scene".


Sue W said...

Sir, your fly is open.

Lola said...

Sir, you have to pay fo' dem beers...

Sandy A. said...

They already have obnoxious timeshare salesmen on AC. Every time they approached us I'd just say "We own property in Maya Beach" and they'd leave us alone.