Friday, June 27, 2008

News update,,,,,,,

quick post this A.M.,,,

Seems that the Kendall Bridge has washed away again. We have had lot's of rain for the last few days and the weather forecast calls for another tropical wave Sunday night to cross the area. I hear frogs again.

Sad scene yesterday in the village. As we were coming home, between Turtle Inn and Peckish, a traffic accident between a S.U.V. and a golf cart. We were the second car to arrive along with lot's of T.I. people. Looked like the cart entered the road and was 'T'-boned by the car. A young girl was hurt pretty bad. By the time we got home we heard the helicopter go by.
Placencia is kinda confused with way it should grow. I think they want to be a small laid back, golf cart type destination, but right now it is not safe to be out there in a golf cart! Imagine if that was one of the hundreds of speeding dump trucks that met the cart! I don't think they should mix the two on the same road. You won't find me in a golf cart out there trying to stay out of these folks way.

Anyway,, good luck to the young girl.

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