Thursday, June 26, 2008

Awwww RATS,,,!

Boy, what’s with the weather? Folks are losing beach around here, but then some are gaining it as well. Us, we remain steady for now.

We had another unwelcome visitor. We noticed evidence a couple nights ago but ripped the welcome mat right out from under him last night.
This is the second rat we have ever had and both within the last few months!
The first one we couldn’t catch. For a week or more he would make racket at night while avoiding all our traps. We had sticky pads all over, snap traps loaded with peanut butter, and the big rat trap, even me with BBQ tongs!
We named him “Butch” after the notorious criminal in the village that no one seems to be able to catch either.
Butch apparently left our house (got tired of stepping on sticky pads) but turned up in a rental that two women had rented.
She came by one morning and proclaimed
“Something ate our bananas”.
(Insert your favorite gag line here)
So we loaned them our rat trap to see if they had any better luck. Suppose Turtle Inn would supply their guests with their very own rat trap? HA! You will only find that level of personal service here.
First thing the next day they brought Butch to us all caged up and finished!
Good job ladies. We delivered Butch to Carl. He feeds them to his snakes. At any given time, you could walk into Wallens hardware and see a rat cage, with rat, on the counter being dropped off for Carl’s brood.
Anyway,, the new rat has now been caught as well. He will follow along the path of his predecessor so from hence forth he shall be referred to as ‘future snake poop’.
What you see in this photo is an example of a rat trap that works, and one that doesn't. Yep, Fuzz just sleeps thru it all. I need to rewrite his job description.

Another new product on the stores shelves, Marie Sharps stewed sauce. A lazy man’s way into stewed chicken pork and beef. As usual it is very good!

Speaking of rats and stewing meat, I see a challenge has been dropped into the comments section of the “Let’s eat” post.
And to that challenge I say, fair enough.
I am not one to turn down any challenge that involves beer and food! Just to be fair, I will tell you up front that you get no advance notice of when I may show up. I will say there will be orders placed for me and the Misses. And I see from you menu the only thing that requires calling ahead is fried chicken for 4 or more, so it won’t be that.

I reckon that returning an unfinished keg is right on par with my father watching me gettting my ass kicked by a mime.

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Sandy A. said...

I heard you can eat rat! Maybe stew rat with that new Marie Sharps?