Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finders keepers,,,

No beer has washed up yet. None. But look what has been spotted sloshing around at the waterline. It is not tied down, anchored in any way and with these rough seas it has been making it’s way south for a few days now. If it gets past a couple piers and hits my place, I’m rinsing it off, fueling it up and riding!

Technically, it belongs to Maya Breeze, but it was last seen bobbin in the surf about 3 properties south. Beats me why they don’t at least tie it to sumptin?
The debates rage over jet skis, whether or not they are welcome in many areas.
Here’s my opinion.
Environmentally, jet ski’s will do less damage to everything than a skiff will.
First, they only draw a couple inches of draft so they are much less likely to hit anything like coral or manatees.
Second, they use jet drive instead of a prop. Jet drive never hurt anything or anybody.
{might blow you swimsuit off if you get behind it!}
Third, the new four strokes are extremely efficient exhausting almost no pollutants at all, and are damn near silent.

Here is where I see the problem is with jet ski’s.
The operator. Period.
Driving a jet ski seems to make folks instantly obnoxious. I think the problem is they never go anywhere. They tend to just stay nearby and go round and round, or back and forth. Like kids with minibikes at the campsite. People hate that.
Plus, here it is seen as just one more brick in the building of another Ambergris or Cancun type atmosphere.

There ya have it,, my opinion on jet ski’s.

Fuzznutts is still all plumped up. Poor little guy barely eats and is obviously miserable.
We found a U.S. vet in the area and she is willing to look at him today in an attempt to avoid another ride in the air ambulance!

The voting continues about the belly button thing. But I see that right now it’s a tie between ‘NO’ and ‘PLEASE MAKE THE DUMP TRUCKS GO AWAY’.

I’m in a photographic slump right now. Happens occasionally. Should turn around soon.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And forced sodomy, which is probably even worse.”

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Sandy A. said...

I think that jet skis are obnoxious, or maybe it is the people that ride them.
Most people who operate skiffs there are locals who know how to avoid the reef and coral formations.
Most tourists, the ones who will be using the jet skis mostly, don't know.
Therefore I have a big problem with jet skis.