Friday, June 20, 2008

Gooooood Morning Mental Breach!

Yep, looks like the beginning of just another shitty day in paradise. Seems to be some sort of ‘tropical wave’ passing thru. Well I say get on with it wave, pass on by already!
Good rains yesterday morning. No dust!
We could tell it rained hard up north as there was little to no traffic coming down the mudway. Up there by the dump/shrimp farm, the road can and does turn into chocolate pudding. Mixed with baby shit. Not very pleasant driving conditions I would say.
And with a certain controversial mega-project landing directly under the GOB’s spotlight, I couldn’t help wonder if that was the reason for the abrupt slow down of dump trucks? Or was it just mud?
There was to be a ‘meeting’, hopefully I will hear some news on that today.

In other news, I have a call into both CBS and NBC. Since our house has already been featured in Luxury Caribbean Living monthly (with cover shot), I thought I would see if the folks from Extreme Makeover would like a shot at pimpin my crib! I would be willing to let them do as they please with at the least, the north wing.
I also mention to them the Maya ruins nearby. They could use a ‘make-over. As it stands, they are ruined!
I saw a Mayan dude at the store recently with a half finished bottle of rum. Now that’s a ruined Mayan! See the difference? Mayan ruin,,Ruined Mayan,,, never mind.
Oh lighten up fer crissakes, it’s a joke!

The grader made a visit to the area. The traffic can now do 8o mph if they want, and most seem to want to. We had a truck off in the jungle right next door just yesterday. Lost control and WHAM bounced off a palm tree.
I have still yet to hear of anyone in this country receiving a traffic ticket for a moving violation. After you crash the shit outa things, maybe. But until that point, let ‘er rip!

The drinking will continue until you show a dramatic improvement in attitude.


Sandy A. said...

Oh grading the road is so helpful and will last such a long time in rainy season!!

Elysia said...

You see how rumors go..... I heard YOU had somehow slide off the road but that you, Mrs. Barn & your trusty k9 were all A O K.

That is Placencia for you

Barnacle said...

we were the first house the guy ran up to. he could'nt speak or hear so it was somewhat difficult to communicate with him.
and yes,, Scurvy was the first on the scene to whizz on the tires!