Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blood-suckin Vampires!

Good Gurdy the Skeeters are horrendous! Long pants and bug spray is the uniform of the day. We had a nice few months without the little bastards but look out now!
A couple nights ago, after the current disappeared, we both were swatting at a mozzie buzzin our heads. We also laughed when we realized the noise we were hearing was Fuzznutts snoring! That louver he sleeps in is right above Mz Barns head and he was sawing logs!

No news on the bridge predicament worth reporting. They are canoeing folks across and using a ferry of some sorts for supplies but I have not much more than that.
They are estimating the total damage at 77 millionBZ$. Ouch!

In town AGAIN yesterday and the stores are still looking good. No beer tho. “Maybe tomorrow”.

Thought for the day: “A married man should just forget his mistakes.
No sense two people remembering them.
(more on that later)

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