Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rome wasn’t built in a day. (Not with that attitude, Buster.)

Reports filtering in are that there may be a usable vehicle crossing at Kendall soon.
With all at stake, you knew the major players were not going to sit back and wait. There is citrus to be moved, crude oil just sitting there, condo projects at a standstill. All because of one lousy bridge? So the big money behind all this is bustin ass to get in a bridge. Don’t get me started.

Our stranded guests finally arrived yesterday. They came by the bus/canoe method.
A bit of adventure they were not expecting. Said the canoe ride across the Sittee was free tho. And kinda fun.

Speaking of crude oil. I see the world price has risen again. We will no doubt take it up the ass here in Belize real soon.
Let’s see, Beer is 48.50 BZ per case, 2.02 per bottle which contains 10oz.
16 oz to a quart. 4 quarts per gallon. Gives you 2.02x16x4 divided by 10 ...equals 12.92BZ per gallon of beer!

All those construction projects I mentioned that are slowing down or stopped because of the bridge,, why is it that all of them have to be bigger, fancy-schmancier, swankier, more gawdy than the last?
Each one uses the words “gated, exclusive, premier, luxuriously appointed, private, blah blah blah to describe their newest offering. What ever happened to the small, quaint little mom and pop type places that Placencia was known for? Long gone, to be replaced by gated and luxurious. Drives me nuts.
I would like to see this chain open a branch in the area!

Hell yea! Now that's what I'm talkin about!
Let me share with you what the Pope had to say about the place. "This joint kicks more ass than a ninja with 20 legs fighting a guy with 10 asses." The Pope actually said that. True story. Now theres a review the swanky places will never receive!

"Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make him wag his tail."

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