Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To the waterfalls,,,,,

A road trip I recommend anyone with a car take is a drive to Billy Barqidair State park. It is on the hummingbird about mile 11 or somewhere near it, easy drive.
There are two entrances to the park. The first is across from this house. This is also where you pay the park entrance fee to a woman named Hyacinth.

Then I suggest you go one mile further and use the next entrance to get to the falls.
Yep, waterfalls! Very seldom anyone else there either, (wink wink nudge nudge). So don’t tell anyone!
The trail to the falls is well maintained with rope hand lines where needed.
It is about a mile hike in with a couple steep spots but not bad at all.
A tree at the falls has a natural spot where you can change if needed.

If you leave the peninsula early, you can be done with the falls by noon and the location leaves you options for lunch. Dangriga is nearby with plenty of choices.
Or, it’s an easy enough hike someone could bring lunch in a backpack.
Haul out your trash and whatever else some slob left behind.
With the ipod playing, A.C. running, and beers in the cooler, this makes for a fine day!

edit: i am no doubt spelling the name of the park wrong but it's close.

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