Monday, May 5, 2008

i'm gettin drunk with or without you,,,

We have been in Maya Beach since 1998. There was no power for the first 6 months we were here. Then, with slush money from all of us, BEL decided it could run poles and wire up to us.
For entertainment we had Roxy’s bar, ‘The Escape’, later the Maya Beach sports bar came along. A sports bar? Yep, with a 60in T.V. fer crissakes.
We had a lot of good times at The Escape. Let’s just say the drinking was done in epic proportions! And with a fun group, we did a lot of laughing.
I was just the other night reminded of ‘nekkid bartender night’. And, I was declared the winner!
If I remember right, I woke up with a hangover you could see from space!
My blood could run a lawnmower.

I happened to be there the morning BTB came to inspect her hotel books. (she also had little rooms she would rent out).

After a couple questions from the BTB guy, she got pissed, threw her cardboard box of ‘files’ at the guy and yelled “you look thru em”. She had shit scrawled on bar napkins, a calendar page with scribble about some guy staying for 3 nights, scratched out replaced with 6 nights, a receipt for dog food, all kinds of weird crap.
After some more yelling, the guy tells her to calm down or they might take her hotel license away.
She grabs the license from the wall, glass frame and all. And throws it at his feet!
Within 2 hours there was a big “CLOSED BY BTB” sign in the yard.
Just the rooms,, we still got hammered in there till hurricane Iris blew the bar into Guatemala.

One day I get a package in the mail. It’s a bunch of cd’s a friend had burned for me. COOL!!
I take them to Roxy’s that night for a test spin. Her cd player was on a shelf about 6ft hi so you reached up and placed the cd in the player from above. My buddy had not labeled anything so it was a grab bag what we would hear.
The first cd is a live Jimmy Cliff. Finish that and load the next.
Another live Jimmy Cliff?
Remove it and place the third one in place, more live Jimmy cliff???
WTF? Looks like my drunken friend recorded live Jimmy Cliff 10 times. The next one is the same.
Then,,, it hit’s some one. Just as I am ready to toss 9 of 10 cd’s into the trash, we find that there is a live Jimmy Cliff in the player already and I have been laying my new ones on top of it!
All our finest maneuvers are conducted after 6 or 7 drinks!
The next day I received divorce papers from my liver. And it wanted full custody of my kidneys.

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