Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's a Boy/girl! Have a cigar

If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed some bird photos.
Yes, I spend some time shooting birds around here. (It keeps me outa the bars).
We get a good variety of birds at the chow hall I set up for them but lately is has been over ran with the Grackles.

It all started with a troop of Chachalacha’s that would visit very regular for some bananas. About 8 of them in a herd including one with a limp we named “Gimpy’.
Then the Chachalacha’s quit coming around. We didn’t know why but we missed them. They were getting real comfortable with us and I was only 6 inches away from hand feeding one!

Well, yesterday evening, whilst sitting on the deck, contemplating life, a Chachalacha crash lands in the sand in front of us. (They are not known to be graceful). Then another. “Well, look who’s back”. Then, a tiny Chachalacha lands! Then 3 more adults!
They had a puppy!
Must have been home taking care of the little guy and now they are out and about showing him/her off!

Adriane ran for a camera, I ran for a banana. We bumped into each other twice in the process.(Nyuck Nyuck)
As I tried to coax them to the banana chunks, Adriane snapped a couple photos.
But, (sigh), they were on a mission. No time for bananas, they had rounds to make. They purposely crossed the property and were gone!
So maybe that explains why they have been absent from the feeding frenzy for a month or so?
You can bet your ass we will be ready with cameras from now on! And as soon as a better photo is captured, you will see it here!

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Sandy Azancot said...

Yeah, they were "nesting". The hummingbirds disappear like that too and then show up when the little ones are ready to take flight!