Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pork chops, bacon, ham, sausage, ribs,,,,,,,,

Kinda slow again, blog wise. Nothing new to report.
Although,, I have been out of bed now for an hour or more and have only heard one dump truck roar by?
Don’t it figure, as I was typing that last sentence, two trucks rattled and clanged down the road.
Whew, I was beginning to think the Maya were off on their end of the world prediction by 4 years!

Back in slower, quieter times, we had pigs roaming around. Doris and Santos seemed to always have a pig or 2 they were fattening up for a BBQ.
One I nick named Jimmy Dean. He was always hanging out at our place in the shade somewhere. He loved it when I squirted him with the hose, and shoved a banana into his yapper.
Scurvy had just arrived on the scene and he and Jimmy seemed to become buddies.
They would nap together in the shade till Jimmy would roll over on Scurvy and he would start yelping and I would have to go to his rescue.
Just about a week before Jimmy met his demise, I got this photo of the three of them having a ‘moment’.

The pigs and turkeys have to be extra careful now else they get flattened by progress!

Then i got some chalk and marked up Jimmy as the map in the cook book showed.
He walked around Maya Beach like this for a few days.

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Anonymous said...

Just read this pig blog entry. I live in Phoenix now but used to have a small farm in the southeast USA. We brought two piglets and the children named them "ham" and "sausage". Of course they became dinner about 20 years ago. Love the pics. Hubbie told me to tell you, watch your dog. He may steal him when we get there - he needs a drnking buddy. LOL! He really loves the dog. - Doc Tammy