Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gettin HOT all up in heya,,,

May,, it's hot! June will be just as hot. And with BEL threatening to shut down the current, well you will be finding us out on the beach!
Just look at Julio,, he lost 2 pound sweating this morning!
Scurvy runs from the shade to the sea and back,, Fuzz does the burning sand dance from shade to shade. Me? I tend to take in more fluids.

This is not a photo of Julia Childs or Martha Stewart, no this is Adriane making a salad for dinner. It's too hot to use any burners.

Clearly from this view you can see our placial, enormous, well laid-out cooking facility's!
This area is down the hallway from the "Great Room" that you access from the East entrance in the East wing.
(sometimes referd to as "the Larry Flynt Memorial Wing")
Meals for dignitary's, aristocrats, and 'Movers and Shakers' have been prepared in this room!
And as you can see,, one of them Bastards stole our fire extinguisher!
Probably to cool down some beers.

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Sandy A. said...

YOu want heat? We got some heat up in here!! I'll send you down some of ours to add to yours...!