Monday, May 12, 2008


Sure, it’s very rare that a hurricane would hit in this area in the month of May, but bigger than shit, here it is! Since it is still some days before the official opening of hurricane season, this storm will be named A-1.

We had been watching the construction of the ‘upside down house’ for a week now, wondering things like, why are they building it upside down?
What will happen when they finish and flip it over? It will just shatter, right?
Figured they just were reading the plans upside down.
Just kinda filed it away under ‘things to watch’. It is Seine Bight,,,

Then today, as we breeze thru town, we see the real reason behind all this.
Seems they are filming a hurricane preparedness commercial. Not sure if it is for Belize or not.

A couple items to note.
They brought in a swamp boat with the big motor and prop on the back to provide the needed wind. (Didn’t get to see that in action.)
Also,, as they are trying to coordinate this movie set with all the actors, extras, added carnage, ect, there is one constant to the scene,,,DUMP TRUCK TRAFFIC!
One after the other, after the other,,,,
I had to snicker, did the director ever wonder 'what's with all these damn dump trucks'?
The Miami-facation of Placencia must go on, hurricanes or not!
The next thing I thought of is will they bother to clean up their mess props?
Those buildings in the background? those are not 'props'.
If they just leave it, well,, no one would notice.
Just another day in sein bite.

as always, click on any photo to enlarge,,

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Anonymous said...

That's great. Sorry I missed the action.