Sunday, May 4, 2008

paybacks a bitch,,

Here is a good payback story for ya!
A lot of you know my neighbors. In particular Ray, and further up north, Egbert and Patrice. While Egbert and Patrice are gone back to Holland they ask Ray to keep an eye on their house.
Well as we all know, it can get pretty slow and boring around here and what better way to amuse your self than with practical jokes?
Ray jokingly sends Egbert an e-mail saying something to the effect that since his house is just sitting there and it’s big and roomy, Ray says he’s going to start cultivating pot plants in the house.
Egbert kinda brushes it off.
Then Ray sends another e-mail a few months later saying the cops raided the house! BDF soldiers and all. And they are going to seize Egbert’s house and property! And Egbert should contact Ray before he attempts to enter the country.
Egbert flips out at this point.

Egbert finally gets a hold of Ray and Ray explains things so Egbert can calm down.
Too funny and Ray is giggling all day over this.
The next morning, early, my phone rings. It’s Ray, “get up here and bring your camera’!
So this sounds like something interesting and I shoots right up to Ray’s house.
Overnight, long distance from Amsterdam, Egbert arranged for a full load of dirt be deposited in Ray’s driveway!! Ray is trapped! He says it’s a good thing there was not a car in his driveway that shouldn’t have been there, if you get my drift!
So, now the ball is back in Ray’s court. He should be serving up a volley any time now.

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Anonymous said...

Love the drivway full of dirt, too freakin funny.