Saturday, May 3, 2008

Live music at Mango's,,,

I spent the morning shooting birds. I modified the perch for easy clean up.
My light setup is working well,, just need a bigger varity of birds. Getting kinda monotonous.

Yep, I made my third trip to Mango’s this week.
Realy, honestly, just looking for blog material.
Well tonight was a treat. Not only was the ‘band’ playing but it brought out lots of surly characters. Two of which I speak were Carla and Hippie Dave!

It was great to see old time Maya Beach-ers like Jim and Sarah also. Rare really.
It was a nice blast from the past!

Mark and John did their usual good job at the music. Folks really comment on how good they are! These guys have a good time with their music!
Mark,, good job with ‘Whipping Post’!!
I left at a respectable hour, but left an invite for Hippie Dave to come get drunk in the next few days. Uh ohhhh, more stories!

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Anonymous said...

SOunds like old home night at Mango's!!