Friday, May 2, 2008

Fuzz gets a kill,, make that 2!

Yep, still bored. But busy so that’s a good thing.
Mrs. Barn left me a list of shit NOT to forget and I almost forgot a biggie today! It was 30 minutes before I remembered I needed to haul some folks from up north to the airstrip! Whew,,,

Spent the morning shooting birds. Photographically you understand.
But, ‘ol mister Fuzznutts picked this morning to be the day he catches and kills a bird.
Before this, the only thing he ever captured, overpowered, killed and brought home was a corn-on-the-cob. So this is a big step for him!
Naturally, he brings it inside the house to show me? I let him bat it around for some time then decided that’s it,, and took it away. I thought it was dead,, looked like it.
Tossed it in the trash (sorry ‘bout that bird, hell of a way to go).

Later I toss some thing else in the trash. Open the lid,, and he is in there chirping! CRAP.
What would you do?
Then,, I hear Julio outside. Fuzz got another bird!
Well , this one is dead so I toss him/her into the trash also. But when I lift the lid,, ‘chirp,, chirp’,,. I feel like shit about now.
But, I get over it and go to Mango’s for a few beers.
A couple I don’t know are in there,, seen ‘em before but not much.
I didn’t get much more than the usual gossip. They were Reagan and Yoli’s friends and the conversation seemed to revolve around that.
Heard that Clouse ran over Gary’s scooter. That was funny.
Mango’s road rumors were nothing new from what we have already heard.
Spoke to my mom. Things are very good back there. Dad has Hotties for therapists again so he is happy. And a big thank you to all who expressed their concern for me papa!


Anonymous said...

How are the garbage birds doing?

Barnacle said...

you could say,, they quit chirping!

lola said...

Barnacle, I been stressed out some by trying to figure out the answer to a question. Thought I'd ask you seeing as you're sagacious and well lettered. I deduced this from reading your deep and moving epistles. The question is, DID EVE HAVE A BELLYBUTTON? I am painting Eve and it is driving me nuts on should I put a bellybutton or not and if I do how will the religious people take it concerning the ribs thing? The only thing helping me right now is singing your do-ray-me ditty while drinking a beer...