Thursday, May 1, 2008

just me,, with scurvy and fuzznutts,,,

Both of us have parents living in the states. That makes it a tough trip home each year to visit. We don’t want to go but its mom and dad!
So we endure the travel hassles and make the best of it. It is the only time we are apart all year as well and it sucks! I should mention she left today.
Sure there are perks for us both. On the plus side for her, she has a clean house the whole time I’m gone, and I’m not hogging the computer.
But, she now has to feed herself. That is a concern since I do all the cooking. Every year tho she is doing better. This year it was not a concern at all.
Me? I have ups and downs also. I like the bed to remain just as it was when I got out of it. It was very comfortable then, why make it up? So for a week the bed stays just like I like it. And no one washes my coffee cup! That’s a biggy I cannot break her of. I turn my back and she is washing my cup???
And Scurvy gets some liberties he would not normally see!

My downside is it gets very lonely around here. Quiet and lonely.
This week I am on a mission to get some photos for this blog so that will help.

First one I have is the broken down trash truck sitting at Maya Playa this morning.
This is the worst trash pickup service I have ever had the displeasure of paying for!
I place the entire blame on the guy who took it over. As they say, “the buck stops here”.

I saw a trash truck years ago in Denver that had a sign on its side, “satisfaction guaranteed or double your trash back”. Let’s hope he never thinks of that!
So, I go to Mango’s for some juicy context for the blog, their closed?
WTF? So I goes to the Frisky Frog and bullshit with Gary for a couple beers.
Got the ‘you ran over my dog’ story. Gawd,, sometimes Maya Beach realy is Mental Breach!
But, I end up back home with nothing but 2 cases of beer. So I do some ‘off camera’ strobe practice to kill a few beers.
Tomorrow is a good day. I got banana’s for the birds. Always some Kodak moments there. And maybe Mango’s will open up.

oh yea,, if i never mentioned it, you can click on any photo to enlarge.


editor said...

Toughen up! You're the foto of the day!

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

Anonymous said...

Yeah I have a mountain of garbage outside my house too. It sucks. On a cheerier note, I am thrilled to see you have joined the blog world. Will add a liuk on my site.