Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A trip to town,,,

Pickled Parrot
We went to the village today. After finishing our chores we decided on The pickled Parrot for lunch. Gossip abounds!
this is 'Carly' sitting in the stool next to Mrs. Barn.
First thing we hear is how the village is bashing the V.C. chairman on the radio call-in shows for his complete incompetency in trash collecting. As we drove around the village we could see it is not just us in the north being neglected but the entire peninsula! Oh,, except HIS house of course.
Lots of talk of an impeachment??

Then we hear another story of a local fisherman who is a pirate deep down. Someone fool heartedly gave him a boat. He promptly sells it and will party hard till that cash is gone.
What? A fisherman needs a boat? Nonsense.

The local dart hot shot, Malu, is heading for Trinidad to toss darts in some international competition. You go girl!

The bar owner’s sister no longer works at the bar. She is now involved with Peckish.
I take that back,, apparently she works at night.

Since the bar is not over run with kittens lately, Wendy said Scurvy can come back!
He was not going with us for awhile because he was killing the kittens.
Kinda hard to explain that to the family from Frog Balls Alabama who are enjoying their lunch in the corner!

Another part time rez came in with her first ever tattoo. Just had Anton install it and she was showing it off. It won’t be her last!

After we get home, we meet some new residents of Seine Bight.
Herb and Sim. That is their new bar/restaurant/home being constructed on the southern end of town, just past the ball field. A very nice, young couple from Austria. The restaurant is going to have Austrian style food, if they can find the ingredients!

a good day for food, beer, and info!

photo of P.P. sign and 'Carley' by Mrs. Barn.

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Tani said...

So, did Malu win big in Trinadad! I know she needed the trip! Known her since I was 13~!