Saturday, March 19, 2016

This Dick came,,,, and went!

What are we now about 3 weeks into construction? Sounds ‘bout right.
They are really haulin ass! Today they poured the slab under the house and they already have the post up for both decks. All this with a tiny generator and a small roll around cement mixer.
Today it has been hovering around 95-99 degrees and these young guys can be seen running with full wheelbarrows of cement! Makes a guy feel a bit old, watching from a safe distance.
They plan to have all the other columns up by the Easter break, next Wednesday.
Has not been too much of a headache for us. The drone of the gen and cement mixer seem to lull me to sleep!
On the other end of the property, it’s a different story.
All the sudden one fine morning, Hey Mo, Hey Larry pier construction crew began building a pier one lot to the north of us.
These guys also have a generator going and a water pump. The fumes from them are bad at times due to the direction of the breeze.
And they are just a bunch of naturaly noisy guys. Lots of yelling and hollerin, whoopin and shit.
So much so, we had a set of guests leave two days early due to the noise.
When he left he told me it was because he was sick and needed air conditioning. Nothing about noise.
I found out about the noise when I saw his review on trip advisor.
Neither of these problems are under our control, certainly not the pier construction.
And if we have to have a guest leave in order to get a new house, PHUCK HIM!
His name was Dick btw,, and he was every bit one while he was here.
Nobody knows how much I want to retire!

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RPM said...

You should have shown him the body bags.