Tuesday, February 23, 2016

OK, where were we?

Ok, so I took some time off, now I may be back at it. Mrs.Barn said she would rather see me writing than watching youtube videos. I admit, I am addicted to youtube and I won’t be weening off anytime soon.
Got a few things we can talk about.
Did I mention Barnacle’s is for sale? Well it is.
We have had a pretty good amount of looky-loos come by to kick the tires but have not had an offer yet.
We don’t hate this job and we make a decent living from it so we can just keep on keeping on until it does sell. Although, I find myself acquiring a bad attitude at times. I get a bit short with the guests.
17 years of answering the same questions over and over and over and over and over and then over again is starting to drag me down. Sometimes I  make shit up just to keep it interesting.
And then there are all the great guests. The ones who have become friends over the years. I guess it all evens out.
I tell ya what. You want to meet all the real estate agents in town? Hang up a for sale by owner sign and watch how fast them leeches come by to say hi.
I don’t have any respect for that profession. Not so much the actual agents, but the profession.
It seems to me they will just say whatever it takes to get them some money.
Sure, there are some good ones out there but we can sell this place without them, we don’t need their help.
If this was in the states where there are millions of places for sale, and you need help finding the one you want, well I could see using them.
But here, there is one road and we are right on it. Everyone can see my sign just as well as they can see a real estate company sign. I can pitch my property better than any of them could, although one girl told me she could because she has the red white and blue behind her (remax), and then proceeded to tell me we could go behind their backs and save a percent or two! Somewhat sleezy?
They want something like 6-8% to be involved. We are asking 450,000 so you do them math.
We can get all the title work done square and legal for 500us bucks.
Moral of the story? They can all kiss my big, hairy, natural white ass!
So you are caught up on how I feel with that, let’s move on.

You may have noticed my passion for cooking has exploded. And I have an actual love affair going on with cast iron cookware. Is it strange to have a love for a skillet? Turns out no, it is not. I asked Frank at Mango’s who is an actual trained chef and re assured me I am fine. He apparently has a crush on a couple of his knives. No one is allowed near them! So I feel fine as I lovingly run my skillet under the warm water and rub it gently with oil,,,,hold on, I need a minute.
Whew,, that was good.
And that is one of the subjects I watch on youtube. Cooking videos. You can find anything you want and a dozen different ways to cook it. I really enjoy it.

So, Mrs. Barn has got me back to the blog, let’s see if I make a go at it again. This morning it feels right.
See ya in a day or so.


RPM said...

Welcome back, Barn! Made me smile when As The Coconuts Drop showed up on my blog watchlist again. It was a much duller world without you.

Don't know if you've ever seen him but there's a series on RFD-TV called Outdoor Cooking with Johnny Nix. All of his stuff is done with cast iron. Never watched him online, but he has some videos on YouTube. Sounds like it would be right up your alley.

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back Barn. We will be in your neighborhood next week sometime (AL Construction) and might drop in to introduce ourselves after 6 years of reading ATCCND's.

Dennis and Wilma (the guys near Monkey River)