Sunday, August 30, 2015

What would Mental Breach be without Mango's?

I guess it would make sense to accompany a post about Mango’s new updates with some photos right?
So here ya go.

All new thatch, including the roof, inside roof areas like over the bathrooms, new seating for 10 upstairs, new parking system, my new bike rack, all with lights, 2 new thatch palapas on the beach which will soon be finished with bench’s and bars under them.

The ‘nipple’ covers on the top are a bit questionable tho

Needless to say I have spent some time in a few bars, had my fair share of favorites too. Some dives off Navy base’s in Asia. But I have the most time in this bar. I have been drinking in this one since the day it was built, 16 years ago. Mostly in the exact same stool!
The place has seen it’s ups and downs and one dark era when it was run by a guy named Roel, it was bad.
But this is the most successful the place has ever been!
So make sure you visit, try the stuffed Jalapenos!

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