Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jamie Lee visits Mango's

Ok, made it back from Mango’s. the place looks great! All new thatch on the roof, entryway, inside over the heads, new pizza oven, tables upstairs, and a new expanded outside deck is queued up and ready.
Frank is serious! He is even going to deliver pizzas fer fucksakes.
I ordered a bike rack but so far, no rack. Maybe soon tho.
The new entrance is real nice, and if I fall down I don’t think mi will break anything on the landing.

So I mentioned I got a haircut whilst in Denver.
It had been brewing for quite a while and one trip to ‘Griga, Mrs. Barn got dropped off at the beauty shop. She was armed with a photo of Jamie Lee Curtis, who we all know is a hot MILF babe.
She hands over the photo and tells them that is the haircut she wants. (Apparently, lots of women take sample photos to the hair shop?)
She came out with the Jamie Lee alright. Along with a tub of the infamous GORILLA SNOT!
I thought it was pure legend, but here it is, the real deal. She don’t use it but I might find a use for a smear out in the shop, who knows. Maybe lube some wheel bearings?
Anyway, turns out I got a Jamie Lee too! I swear we both got the same hair-doo. But I didn’t have a photo. And it has been 2 months now and I feel like a fuckin hippie so we are off to ‘Griga to get trimmed back.

I got a new light modifier. A beauty dish! It is a real nice, compact unit that fits right on the flash head.
Now if someone can send me a beauty,,,,,

I also went to the dentist not long ago. Wanna see inside my yapper?

And is this represenitive of the cops these days up there? All I hear of stories of abusive cops. Maybe the good stories don’t make good news?

Don’t take advice from me.
You’ll only end up drunk.

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