Sunday, December 14, 2014

No, the fat lady has not sung yet,,,

Miss me?
Well, I cannot really explain the absence, but I assume I just needed a break.
I saw where my post were getting fewer and fewer in-between to the point they just stopped.
So I took a break.
Mrs. Barn has been buggin me so I am going to try and get back at it. So here we go.

We have had a few big changes take place since you last heard. The biggest was also the saddest.
Scurvy had gone on to the great dog beach in the sky, or where ever they go when they die. Actually he is buried on the property.

He had been not feeling well and with his age, 12-13 he was not responding to vet visits either. So when he got real bad we could see it in his eyes, he was ready.
So we took him for his last car ride to Hopkins. Wholey shit do they have a nice vet facility!
And that is where he took his last doggie breath.
We miss him very much as you should know.
We have Tweener who took over his duty as Master at Arms and the swearing in ceremony will be tonite.
So everyone raise their drink in Scurvy’s name and give your nuts a scratch while you’re at it! Maybe piss on a car tire too.

The next big deal is Barnacle Bill’s is for sale.
Yep, after 16 years we need another change. Neither of us has ever had a job this long and it is kinda weird. We won’t be leaving the area and we are looking for somewhere to buy and build right now, but we feel now is the time.
We put out some adds on facebook and set up a sign out front FOR SALE BY OWNER as we know how to do this and do not need an agent to do it for us.
Well guess who has come by the most? FUCKIN REAL ESTATE AGENTS.
I can’t decide if they are so greedy they have blinders on or if they are so stupid they can’t read the by owner part. Either way, they stop by and ask when they can bring over their contract.
Well they can all phuck right off as there is no way in hell I will give one of them 5-10% of the sale for doing a small amount of leg work!

The season has begun and it is getting busy. Holiday season too and that means DRINKING whoo hoo!
Oh, and ham and turkey too.
And cinnamon rolls.

We just had the 3rd end of the world marathon and I will get some photos up soon, can’t rush into this all at once!

So hang with me,, I ain’t dead yet!


Gra*ma Banana said...

So glad you're back. Good luck on the sale of your bizness. Sorry about Scurvy, I understand your sadness at his departure. Looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Scurvy. Barney misses him too.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. Hate to hear your selling.

Hate even more to hear about Scurvy. Via con Dios mi amigo.

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday, it seems, Snoopy ran away from home, changed his name to Scurvy and ended up on the beach with you.

His roadside patrol will be missed.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Scurvy. He had a very good life with you.
We are looking forward to more of your wit and LOVE your photos.
PS Your mom is right. Best blog ever!

Harley said...

can you give us an asking price on the biz. my mom got real sick and my life went on a 5 year delay. i was planning on spending a week with you folks. this year is looking up. so glad your posting again...