Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Food blog?

Who’s hungry? Who ain’t, right.
I have had a renewed pleasure in my cooking lately, with the total replacement of my pots and pans.
I made the switch to cast iron and am loving it!
I had a couple skillets in the past but did not use them much. I think we just left them in the camper to use on outings, but dammed if I can remember.
Anyway, my old stuff was about 25 years old, Mrs Barn bought it for me a long time ago and it was showing some real age.
I found an old CI skillet we brought down here with us, made in the 1920's,  and it got me thinking I should switch everything to CI.
So I did.
Last trip to Denver I picked up my new gear, 27 lbs of it!
Since then I have been on a cooking extravaganza!
To say the least, I really enjoy using these skillets.

These two guys better not slow down or they could end up in the skillets too.

Here is a bacon maple doughnut, sent to me from the MBH. I made my own version of these I called the Elvis awhile back and these were just as good if not better.

You can make killer deep dish pizza in this CI skillet. It rolled outa there like it was on ball bearings.

Or some really nice Mac& Cheese. Yes that is broccoli and beef hotdogs you see hiding in there.

Tonight it is a chicken pot pie!
I’m getting wood just thinking about it!

And for dessert,,,,,

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Anonymous said...

Miss the blog, hope you are well.

Mark & Mickey