Tuesday, September 3, 2013

GoodBye Fred Flintstone foot!

Looks like some good news here at ‘Chez Barnacle. Bout time!
I went to Denver as you may know in early july.
Welp it seems I musta treated that trip like a Roman orgy! I bet I slobed down more Coors beer in 10 days than I would Belikin’s in 15 days! I did not eat much junk food at all, unless you count those 6 tacos at Jack-off-in-the –box, or that nasty burrito at the Gas-n-Fart. And I have no recollection of eating a sack of 7-11 Jalapeno dogs, but I am told I did? Otherwise I was good.
It had to be the Coors.
Anyway, gout has KICKED my ass ever since! First one foot, then a knee, then another foot, then an ankle, and back to the foot.
I am the type of guy who don’t go to the DR unless I cannot stop the bleeding, and so I was self-diagnosing and medicating myself. With shitty results! Scouring the interwebs, consulting my other drunken buddies who have had experience, and I saw no results, AT ALL.
So today I had enough. Caught the early flight to BZ city to see a doc.
First guy sent me down the hall to another doc.
This guy checked me all out and changed my drugs.
(side note: while standing at the pharmacy counter waiting on my drugs, I looked up and there hanging on the wall was at least 5 different types of penis pumps! And nearby was a pile of Viagra's.)
Had blood work done and for the most part I will live!
Got home and popped his new pills and I swear the swelling has already gone done in 5 hours!!
And not much pain at all. I bet in the morning it will be dancing time!
What have I learned here? Maybe, just maybe, some of my drunkin buddies should not be the source of my medical advice?
Naw,, just get second opinions!

Now,, look who just got a new Lastolite 24x24  softbox! Yea baby!
2 internal diffusers, stes up in a couple minutes, folds flat for storage, weighs nothing!
No all I need is someone else to sit in front of it,,,,,,,

The only downside of drinking in a bar day-in and day-out is you have to put up with a lot of worthless drunks.


Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight. You took viagra for your gout then used a penis pump for 4 hours before the swelling went down?

catdance62 said...

our buddy from Dallas suffers from gout off and on and he says it is the worst pain EVER. Glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're better. Hope your Mom is OK with all the flooding in Denver.