Saturday, May 11, 2013

Please tell me we will like the new neighbors,,, PLEASE!!!

Things they are a changing round here.
We knew some day we would get neighbors and although the day has not arrived as yet, it certainly does not look good for our side.
We have watched the lot to the south of us be on the market for years, with a meager amount of looky-loos stopping by. Which gave us a chance to crank up the Black Sabbath, dance nekkid round the DoubleWide, and gave Mrs. Barn a chance to break out her Turrets syndrome and take it for a spin.
Seemed like it was working. We never did have to invite anyone to attend the KKK rally we were hosting later that day.
But slowly we began see subtle signs that something was happning.
Then this showed up on Thursday.

In one day they removed every living thing on the property! Gone, stripped clean!

We still have no idea who bought or what they plan to do, but this morning as I woke up I noticed I could see Cuba from my bed! Nothing in the way at all.

So, as we wait to see if we will be getting along with whoever,, I made some Buffalo Stroganoff.
I had been hearing about this and wondered what’s up. I am told this is most likely Water Buffalo, not the Bison you would think.
Test it out tonight and let you know.
Water Buffalo Stroganoff,,, Google it.

And here is our favorite car rental agent. Minus all the dogs,,,,


Anonymous said...

The breeze blowing through the lot almost blew my vehicle off the road.

Too bad, there were a couple of really nice old trees on the lot.

Harlo said...

A sad day indeed Barnacle. I feel for ya.
We were just forced out of our Pine Island Paradise by a neighbor from Hell...a New Jersey spawn of The Devil.
I hope you have better luck.

dabunk said...

Put a sign up "Coming soon Walmart"