Thursday, May 23, 2013

A little dis and a little dat,,

Hoo boy, it has been hot! Hotter than the Devils Taint!
Not much new to report round here cept the GOB has been busy as usual shooting itself in the foot, making the country look bad to the world! S.O.P.
Just little things.
A school teacher showing his students how to torture a monkey, someone else beating a croc to death, allowing oil wells to be drilled near the reef, bulldozing a 2300 yr old Maya ruin to use for road fill and no one has been prosecuted, actually entertaining the idea of mega cruise ships docking at Crawl Caye, 8 miles from Da Breach, in a world heritage site, but,, tossing some poor schmuck in jail for 7 years because he stole 13$ worth of biscuits.
And localy, the GOB was to give small hunks of property, 31 lots, to young people who otherwise may never get the opportunity to own land.
You guessed it.
Instead they gave it to their buddies and family, some who already own numerous lots!
This country is full of contrasts.

Here at ‘Chez Barnacle we received a new set of stairs leading into the abode.
The others were about to collapse and no doubt would have happened whilst lugging a case of beer! Action had to be taken!
No we want the deck to match.
Playing round with water drops again.

Here is my mode de transport from 78-80’. USS Meyerkord DE 1058
From 76-78 it was the same class ship but newer, USS Lockwood DE 1064.
This was taken by the oiler we had just refueled from, or were about to. Kinda rough to be doing an UNREP. (underway replenishment), but we needed fuel every 3 days.

Anyone know this fine, respectable citizen?


Anonymous said...

looks like Mr. Glen-when did we get a Wal-Mart?

RPM said...

UNREP every 3 days? Man that would suck! The only time we would UNREP was during REFTRA. We could stay on patrol for 90 days and extend that if we had to. WHEC-719