Friday, February 15, 2013

See thru butane tanks? What will they think of next. UPDATE.

Here’s a little sumptin for any of you who use these small butane tanks.
Anyone who lives in this harsh environment knows the metal tanks rust out pretty quickly.
The local hardware store sells replacements for 220bz$
Now you can get one of these fiberglass beautys for 300bz!
They are very light, can see the level inside, and WILL NEVER RUST!
And if you need to, you can stack them.
You have to place an order and wait about a month but what the hell,, I believe it is worth it.
See all that wonderful gas inside there?
We bought 2 and will get 2 more as the money piles up.
Shit,, looks like the gas inside has gone sour.

UPDATE: You can have these shipped in thru these folks down near PG.

Or the website.


catdance62 said...

that is awesome! I want one!

Dave + Dianna Rider said...

Hey Barn,

What hardware store are those available from? We don't have them up Corozal-way yet.