Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bring it bitch!

As I said in the last post, we are still here despite all the over-reactions of the gov officials.
I fully expected them to force the closure of all liquor sales when the storm hit Mexico! Hell, they shut down all sales for some stupid religious holiday, a serious REAL storm would make more sense.
 But guess what. Yep, a new storm is forming in the east and their way too early projections have it on our front door next week.
Now we are not too concerned as it is still all the way over by Barbados, and the storm folks are really just guessing, but we will keep an eye on this too. Fuck, I hate this time of year.

 Here is a photo of hurricane Ernesto as he passed by us. If you check closely, and I tell you my shutter speed was way slow, you can tell there was no wind whatsoever.
Look at the rain line on the deck. We never even had to consider closing the louvers!
 So we will get more beer and wait and see what the next round brings.

 But just look at the size of this soursop Julio got from our tree today! Big bastard.

So,,  Mrs. Barn had her poker night moved to tonight so I had nothing to do. (it was moved because of the paranoia over Ernesto), so I went to Mango’s for a few. Learned a few juicy tidbits and then riding my bike home stopped at the Gecko.
Whoa fuck were they tuned up in there.
The topic soon turned into women vs men.
I brought up the fact that the Mars rover had sent back undisputable evidence that there was no ESPN, no beer and no porn on the planet.
So there is no way men came from Mars.
And it just went caveman from there.
We tried to get Doris to chime in on the females behalf but it was a no go.
Oh well,,,, just another night out for me

doesn’t bother me when I wake up with an empty wallet because all those 
bartenders and waitresses probably deserve that money more than I do and 


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Anonymous said...

Yo Barn,

Load up the hand truck with cases of Belikin right now! If you look at the models for where this next storm will go, its like the pattern from a bad shotgun, but you never know:

Be prepared! (I learned that in a youth organization in the States!)