Monday, August 6, 2012

Arrrgggh,, we be in fer a blow,,,

Yep, we get a few days off and who blows into town? Ernesto.
 Was looking forward to a few days by our selves, doing some work, maybe take a road trip somewhere exotic like,,, Silk Grass!
But the last couple days we have been watching tropical storm Ernesto. Watching it build strength, weaken, strengthen, and try to decide where he wants to fuck up people’s days. We were possible targets for awhile there but now he seems to have it in for folks up north near San Pedro.
We did have an evacuation plan in place tho,, just in case.
So we may get our down time after all. But as we are trying to save money this year, we may not be able to afford that trip anywhere.
So instead, we will just drink till we don’t know where we are!

Same thing right?
Whenever someone tells me they don’t “appreciate” my drunken behavior I become very sad because I was really banking on that asshole’s appreciation.

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