Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's like 'Deja vu all over again,,,,

We are both back from our ‘vacations’, and have settled right back into the usual goings on round these parts.
Our house phones have died, the property is flooded, and the fridge is bout empty. But, we got loads of beer!
Took our Head of Security to the vet on Saturday. He needed his yearly shots and nothing else. He got on the scale and we were happy to report he has lost a couple doggie pounds. Now we have to keep it up.
As we were waiting for our turn with the vet, we snuck off to grab some electrical parts for an upcoming job, and hit the ‘nanner store. Bat-nanas can be hard to find sometimes.

And it would appear we are facing those times again.
News this morning is that after all the rain we have had for a couple days now, our temporary bridge has gone missing AGAIN! It may not be completely missing, but it is for sure lost under the rising flood waters. And just to add insult to this 4 year bridge replacement, a huge chunk of the actual road washed out as well. This little mishap is about 5 miles from the lost bridge.
(road damage photo not mine, lifted off FB)

Which means for the people who live in that 5 mile area, they are cut off from both north and south!
Yep,, it has been 4 years, maybe more since the bridge first washed out. Then each and every year since we play the ‘is the temp washed out too’ game for the entire wet season. Now we get to watch and see how long before they can fix the missing hunk of hyway.
Our first guests of the season drove in yesterday afternoon before all this. They came with plans of making trips to San Ignacio and points beyond. Uh uhhhh, ain’t gonna happen now!
And it is also a bit ironic that this comes just one week before LobesterFest.
First time this happened they considered postponing due to lack of supplies getting to the scene of the bashment, most notable,, BEER!
You may remember how I blogged about a barge-o-beer steaming down from Dangriga. But arriving significantly lighter than when it left?
Well, as luck would have it, I am sitting pretty in the beer dept. right now.

Drinking when we’re not thirsty is one of the few things that separates us from the beasts


RPM said...

Sounds like the enterprising entrepreneur should put in a ferry. You're a seafaring man...

Opportunity knocks.

Anonymous said...

Barn you should go out there tomorrow, lots of good photos, you been here longer than me, but I've never seen the water like this. A culvert in San Roman washed out while we were there to there is now a big gash in the highway to the south too. Oh and since you got so much beer do you mind if I stop by tomorrow.