Monday, June 11, 2012

Everything is on sale,, or free.

I'm not all that smart, when it comes to politics and economy. But let me explain what I believe I saw while cruising Denver.
 The ride from D.I.A. took me down town because I was sharing a shuttle with some schmo who needed to go there.
I saw a bunch of bikes all chained to parking meters and people sleeping around them on the sidewalk? WTF I say to myself.
Turns out these were those 'Occupy' people I have been hearing about. OK, well a couple days later while reading the news paper over morning coffee, I see a story that a law went into effect that day banning people from sleeping on the sidewalks. The cops said they were not going in and club everyone tell they left, said it would be 'softly enforced', whatever that means.
Then the writer went on to interview one of the newly evicted occupiers.
"What are you going to do now?"
"F*** it, I'm going to the mountains and camp like real people."
 But I got the impression folks in Denver were doing pretty good. Lots and lots of construction everywhere you look and to me that is a good indicator. And every store I went into has at least 5 employees who's sole job seemed to be to ask me if I was finding everything OK? There was one in every isle!
And everything is still on sale. Still have a hard time buying just one pack of chicken boobs without getting the second pack free. Same with dam near everything, buy one get one free.
But in the case of sodas,, buy one 12 pack, get THREE 12 PACKS FREE!
No, the beer store was not running the same sale.
And it seemed that everyone else on the road was driving a vehical that was newer than my Hilux! Everyone. And I see the ads saying 0% interest for 3 years or some shit.
My point is, it's still the land of excess up there. Maybe if you live there you just don't see it, but to me it is glaringly obvious. I think if the people up there want to improve things, the first thing they should do is tighten their own belts a few notches. IMHO.

 Another item you will never find in Belize and at this price they might as well just give the things away.
A Sandisk 32gb USB flash drive. On sale at Radio Shack for,,, ready,,, $19.99.

It was pointed out to me at the pub last night I could have brought back a bunch and sold them for $100! 

Speaking of the pub, it was howling last night. I was handed a ton of blog material but as usual I lost most of it in a beer soaking. I do remember someone asking " What, monkey's and penis's are interchangeable?" And it began to get cloudy at that point.

  I hate it when my lightweight drinking buddies get so drunk I can barely see them.

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