Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grumble grumble grumble

Soapbox time again.

We went on a bar crawl a few nights ago to deliver some ‘Roots-n-Reef’ newspapers.
We noticed that at each bar/restaurant we visited, the owners/employees were a bit edgy, grumpy, and tired. It has been a very busy year and everyone is feeling the stress,, it looks like.
We are included right along with these folks. We have had guests checking out then new ones checking in the next day now for a couple months. That’s good, I suppose.
Maybe this means the economy is picking up north of us? People are traveling again.
But it also brings out the side of things I don’t like.
Big, fat, sweaty blowhards who are going to show everyone how it should be done.
“I got ‘X’ amount of beach frontage, I have investors, and I’m going to build a real (insert business here) and show these people how to do it right. None of this crappy shit you have now.” (fists now beating his own chest)
You see it all the time. And there seems to be some in the area right now going to show us all how it’s done.
First thing that is required is to bring a huge one ton dually diesel with you so you can drive to the jobsite looking like you are in charge. Never put more than a shovel in the back but looks cool going between speed bumps, shows folks you mean business.

We’ll check back in a year and see how they are doing, eh.

Mrs. Barn scared the old bastards last night. She placed fifth in the poker tournament.
I keep telling her that if she breaks out some boob revealing shirts those old horn dogs would fold up and run like Mexican water through a first-time tourist.

And she just might one day.

Lost another friend in Placencia this week.
“King Henry” Anderson died.
He had the food stand out front of Wallens.

Although we were nevr close, we have known each other since way back in the dark days of Mango’s, when Roel was ‘running’ the place.
R.I.P. Henry.

A Christian asked me what it’s like to be an Atheist.
I asked him if he believed in Islam and he said ‘no’.
I said ‘ like that’.


Anonymous said...

Brother Bill,

When I came here 14 years ago I did not come to live around resorts.

I could really give a shit about all the resorts and restaurants here on the peninsula.

If it wasn't for helping the locals by giving them work opportunities, I don't have any use for the resort industry here.

Personally, I hope all the bastards go bankrupt and go back where they came from. We would all probably be better off, including the locals. Seems they were doing fine before this shit arrived.

sandy a. said...

I agree with the above poster ^.. hate hate hate developers. Ugh. Can't they see what happened with (insert development name here)? I guess they don't care--all the care about is how many suckers will give them money before they fly the coop.

Denise & Danny said...

Congrats To mrs. Barn on the poker tournament! I will certainly miss my favorite vacation spot if the resort owners take over. We enjoy visiting, but we really enjoy the simplicity and natural state of your peninsula!