Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vampires hate ice cream. UPDATED.

We did it! We stayed out past dark and made it home unscathed. Not a single vampire was spotted, not even in Seine Bight! What was the reason for this nonsense you ask? Well it was 102 degrees in da Breach so we thought we would go to the village and see if it was hotter down there. It was. But we found some shade at The Barefoot Bar and settled in. low and behold it was horse shoe day as well. It had been years since either of us slung a horseshoe but we signed up to play. She whooped me right handily in the main round. But I excelled in the money round. Neither of us won anything but we saw a ton of friends we don’t see often and that is always good. Oh, got hammered too. Still 100 degrees today but looky what is waiting for me tonight. After beers and I string up my hammock to settle in for some TV, I have a slice of Peanut Brittle Ice cream Pie to pack on top of the burrito I’ll have for dinner.
Picture that mixture down there in my guts, all mushed and chewed up. Yummm! Spose I’ll get the farts?

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the pie came from our good friends at the M.B. Bistro,, of course!

  What a gorgeous day. Lets go sit in the bar!


sandy a said...

that ice cream looks friggin awesome--where'd you get it at?

Anonymous said...