Monday, July 4, 2011

What do ya do with a drunken sailor,,,,,

It must be June,, er, July cause it’s raining. It began last night and has not stopped. Our tanks will be full now until the dry season. Fuckin frogs are happy little bastards! Little do they know they are living their lives out as nothing more than ‘future snake poop’. The rains bring the frogs and the frogs bring the snakes.

And that will work in our favor also as it may appear we have a rat in the hood. We both heard some shit being knocked around last night and then this morning we found some spice jars fell off the shelf.
Where was the Chief of Security? The Master at Arms?
Lying by the side of the bed, out of the rain, peacefully making those little doggie snore sounds and twitching to a dream of some flavor, that’s where.
To his credit tho, we have had 3 cats during his tour of duty and he is the only one who has caught a mouse.

Last set of guests arrive today before we get a few week break.
Then a few more before we close for 2 months to do some repairs.
I don’t know what it is but we have had a hell of a time getting any contractors to commit to helping us with our upgrades?

Seems most of them don’t want to do the little jobs, they all want house’s and/or bigger jobs. Our little repairs must not seem worth it I guess.
So, we shall see what gets done and what don’t I guess.

Heres something sorta interesting. My birthday is coming up next week. Not so much that being interesting, it has happened on the same day like clockwork for the last 55 years. But this year as I prepare to marinate my inside with ice cold Belikins, I will be interviewed by some folks from International Living Magazine.
I guess it’s for their televised edition or something cause they will be video-ing me and my habitat. They will ask all the same questions I have been answering for the past 13 years: why Belize, what made you leave the states, what do you miss most, what do you not miss at all, what do you do for fun, what is that that thing growing on your ass!
All the usual stuff.
Picking up guests from the airstrip I have gotten all these questions from each, most before we reach Millers Landing! (not the ass growth one tho) So I know some answers.
I try to mix it up just to keep myself entertained.
Not sure what version I will tell the I.L. folks yet.
I think this magazine is all about selling real estate and if you know me, you know I don’t have a lot of respect for that industry, but what can ya do.
Should I put on clean clothes? Trim my hair? Sober up? Clean up my drunken-sailor-on-leave speak?

Naww. I’m happy like I am.

So don’t be surprised to see me and a film crew at a local bar one afternoon.

I opened a friend’s refrigerator and was bewildered to find food where the beer should be.


Sue W said...

International Living? I'm impressed. Actually the only place I have ever seen this magazine is at Fiona's parents place in Grand Cayman. (Ask her about their trip to Ecuador!)

sandy a said...

Int'l Living?! Wow, you are becoming a celeb! Post on here, or FB whenever they publish the article (yes, I know it is an online mag). On the repair part: maybe holler at Carlos Garcia, our builder? Even though he does big builds, he might know a reliable person to help you with the things you have to take care of.

Barnacle said...

garcia construction is one who came and looked, said he would give us an est, called 2 weeks later he said he would be here tuesday, 2 weeks later still not here.

kingtoad said...

Wow IL think you should show your best sailor side,no not your ass.Show the best and dont drink till you barff and dont kick the cat,and make sure you dont give them warm brew.You are good to go as you are. Dan USN.Love your site.

kingtoad said...

Be your sailor self.

kingtoad said...

Can a old sailor still find a cheap piece of land or house or is all gone ?

Carole said...

IL! Probably be picked up by Reuters! And AP!

sandy a said...

Really? Usually he is really good about that follow-up stuff. Dang.