Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Have a need to pierce your foreskin?

People ask me all the time, “will that bite me?”
My usual response is that everything either stings, bites or will fuck you up in some other fashion.
Take the sea creatures for instance. While there is defiantly shit out there that can hurt you, your chances of finding it is remote. You know not to stick your fingers into little caves or grab things with spikes all over it but occasionally the shit finds you.
I went out to the beach a couple days ago to see what was happnin when I smelled something rotten. Dead fish smell I thought. And sure enough just up the beach from me a bit was a dead stingray lying there, and he was getting ripe!
Before I tossed him back to the sea I whacked off his tail, just to get a better look at his stinger thingy.

Now I have not had the pleasure of getting stabbed by one of these, I have heard it will make you cry.
Here is a shot of it, just a touch bigger than life size.

I can see where that would surely hurt. Total length is about the same as a pencil. And believe me when I say the tip is as sharp as a needle! And you just know there is some sort of infection just ozzing to start up in you.
Ancient Maya’s apparently use to pierce their foreskins with these things. Why,, I have no clue.
Will I be poking it thru my dick? There ain’t enough beer on the peninsula.

My bartender never has to ask, “Do you want another beer?”


Anonymous said...

Wicked, will be shuffling my feet in the water for sure. From what I can recall, which is less an less each month, the Mayan elite pierced themselves in an area that would not be lethal, but would allow sufficeint blood loss to induce hallucinations and visions. I think I can accomplish that with about 6 beers, no need for the stinger.

catdance62 said...

If you ever DO drink enough beer, Phil is a master piercer and can hook you up! Literally! HA HA HA

Belize Walkabout said...

My woman got hit by a small stingray in Hopkins one time. Yup, it made her cry. The locals told me "piss pon it (the wound)" I thought that was kinky enough to try it out. So I started whipping it out and they all yelled "no! Go behind a bush or to your room." Didn't work very well.

Went to tthe nurse who gave me some pills to knock her out. Then soaked the wound in hot water. That did the trick.

Anonymous said...

Do you pierce the fore skin while attached to the Ray? You'd better be a darn good shot or hope the ray is.

dabunk said...

Poor thing. Barn how would you like to be lying on the beach dead and someone come along and cut off your tallywacker?

dabunk said...

Barn, How would you like it if you were lying on the beach dead drunk and someone came along and cut off your tallywhacker????