Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Condos A Fire part 11

Cut to the night of the big meeting at banana’s.

While the meeting was scheduled for 1900, there was a large crowd out in the parking lot, but no sign of any officials or developers. The crowd was getting antsy.
When a group of shiny new SUV’s pulled into the lot, the crowd got a bit noisier.
Some developers excited the SUV’s in their oxford shoes and docker pants. Most of them cursed as they stepped into the mud that was the parking lot. The last one to step out was Monte Spinker, Ms Swench’s date from a few nights before. Interesting to say the least.
After a long wait, they began the meeting, or whatever you called it. They made a sales pitch and sounded just like a time share group would sound. Everyone was pissed and they knew it. They decided to make a break while they could. In a splash of mud, they were in their SUV’s and gone.
The crowd got restless and began to disperse. Most went home, some others went into banana’s.
Inside it was Smokey, hot, and the booze was flowing.
Velveeta, Chlorine, and Spatula were near the big window, dressed as usual in not much at all, and drawing stares from everyone in the bar, men women alike. They were about half corned and somewhat shaky on their feet.
Waffle, at the bar, stared in admiration, “ain’t my girls sweet?” he said to no one in particular.
The Barkeep came out from the store room carrying some long boxes. He opened them up and said, “Waffle, these came in the mail a few days ago, maybe the girls would like to take them for a spin.”
They were the ‘Extend-o Stripper Pole’ from Ronco. Extends from 6 feet to 12 feet to accommodate most any ceiling. $29.95,, but wait, that’s not all, buy one, get two free!
Velveeta saw this and her eyes immediately lit up. Some more than willing men rushed in to set up the stripper poles and soon there were ready to grind!
The spectators formed a natural circle in anticipation of something stupendous.
Velveeta came up and started doing practice spins while the other two girls gathered up their courage. Soon she was performing a perfectly sensuous routine with the pole. It sure looked like she has done this before.
The first song Barkeep twiddled up was “Legs” by ZZ top. Soon the crowd was all but mesmerized. Then Spatula grabbed the second pole. Next song was, “Texas Woman” by Tony Joe White. Chlorine was now over any inhibitions and grinding like a pro.
The crowd was standing and shouting.
Someone muttered, “This beats a meeting any day”
As the Barkeep pulled up the final song, the crowd became very quite as if they knew this was the event of the evening. Soon, the opening notes of “She’s a Devil in the Night”
By Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs came blasting from the overhead speakers.
The girls all had a different routine, slow, sultry, and grinding. People’s heads turned from one pole to the other to the other. They were all sweaty, glistening, in the hot smoke filled bar. No one said a word, they just watched in amazement. When it was over, 10 guys and 3 women offered to buy them drinks. Waffle was beaming as if he was king of the world.
The bar cleared out and Digby, Waffle and the girls all headed up the beach. Once home Waffle and the girls said goodnight and went inside. Digby went to the beach to be alone.
He felt very alone.

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