Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bats, Hotties, and Cops,,, uhh ohhhhh

Only a couple interesting things happnin.
We have some guests right now, one of which is an 18yr old male.
Try and guess which 18yr old female HOTTIE he has zeroed in on? it has been fun to watch,, remembering what it was like 30 years ago.

Then, we went to town a few days ago to lay in provisions (beer and food), we stopped at Barefoot bar for a few beers and let Scurvy run amuck like the true Heathen he is.
Grabbed 2 barley pops for the road, gathered up the dog and headed north.
WHAM,, a police checkpoint! Fuck.
Normally these are no big deal as they really do not care about anything but your windshield stickers, is you insurance and registration current.
I hand my beer to Mrs. Barn so I can hand the officer my license. He walks around and taps on the insurance sticker.
We both wonder WTF.
I get out and go verify our insurance expired LAST NOVEMBER!
Oh shit.
This can be a serious deal, anywhere from a night in jail, to at least making you park your vehicle and walking home!
For reasons I don’t know, the sergeant told me to go home and get some insurance!
We had groceries, 5 cases of beer, some hardware stuff, and the dog.
I don’t know why he let us go as we have heard horror stories from others, but I sincerely hope it is because he knows us as not being trouble and gave us a break. I would like to buy him a case of beer but that may not look right.
Anyway, the next morning I was at ICB getting insured and thanking the Beer Gods for looking after me,, again!
Funny thing is, since last November we have been thru many other checkpoints and no one ever noticed? We did not know we were expired as we have always been sent a notice and been right on top of it. But we got no reminder and spaced it out.
Anyway,, we headed north, klinked our bottles and toasted the Beer Gods!

Went to the, what has been called by that 18yr old’s dad as the “Horny Gecko’, not much happnin so I came home to shoot bats.
Got a few keepers.

Look at the set of balls on that fucker!!!!

What's so unpleasant about being drunk? You ask a glass of water.


sandy a said...

yeah, I think the problems one may, or may not have, depend on the mood of the officer there. Phil talked his way out of getting in trouble when we were driving one of those vans around that didn't have Belize tags yet (had insurance though).

RPM said...

I was at work one day when the local PD came in with a tobacco "sting" unit. Of course we passed because we carded the kid trying to buy. But as I was talking with the Chief of Police as we both were leaving, he pointed out the tags and registration were expired on my pickup as soon as I opened the door.

Reminded me of those old Fram filter commercials, "You can pay me now, or you can pay me later".